Karen L. Suyemoto, PhD
Picture of Karen Suyemoto

The large-scale costs of social inequities are obvious in wars or poverty or disparities within health systems. But what can we, as individuals, do? As a psychologist and an academic, much of my answer is to translate the large-scale to the individual--and vice versa--through research, mentoring, teaching, and consultation. In my work, I aim to foster understanding that everyday moments in our lives are choices that either compound the pain of injustice or contribute to healing. This understanding is particularly important in educating and training human service professionals, where the positive or negative effects of such choices are magnified through their effect on service provision, teaching, modeling, and organizational policy. Through fostering and demonstrating the effects of empathy and agency, I hope to contribute in some small way to creating a better and more just world.

This website aims to share a bit of my approach to that, as well as offer resources or information that may be helpful to others’ contributions. Because I also believe that foundational elements of trying to live social justice include positionality, honesty, and transparency, in the following pages you will find not only the usual descriptions of my teaching, scholarship, and community coaction activities, but also my reflections on intention and purpose. These are, of course, always a work in progress. I welcome your feedback on my work. Reach me via email here.