Scholarship and Research

Generally, my scholarship reflects the foundations of critical cultural psychology, critical race theory, and feminist psychology. These approaches examine psychological constructs, theories, and understandings through the lens of sociohistorical systems of power. My scholarship incorporates understandings of the processes of racialization, gendering, and social cultural development that characterize the social science understandings of race and culture within Asian American Studies. These "traditions" are concerned with critically evaluating the ways in which science/research and education can contribute to resistance to or maintenance of oppressive social structures. They all lean toward a postmodern or constructivistic understanding and, therefore, value theory development, critical analysis, qualitative methods, and the highly contextualized lived experience. My scholarship reflects these emphases on moving beyond academic understandings of race, gender, and other statuses to actively challenge the explicit or implicit acceptance of oppression. Simultaneously, my research is rooted within clinical psychology’s emphasis on application, promoting health and well being and authentic relationships.

My scholarship focuses particularly in these three areas:

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